Schedule Day 2 - 25 June

Please note that this is the schedule for the 2014 iGaming Super Show. We will be updating the schedule for the 2015 conference as soon as possible. To enquire about the schedule or about speaking at iGaming Super Show 2015 please email

The schedule for this event will be jam packed full of sessions from the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. 

iGaming Business 4 Business

iGaming 4 Business Conference

iGaming Executive Summit

iGaming Executive Conference

Payment Solutions Conference




Registration & Exhibition Opens
09:30 - 10:00

10:00 - 10:05

Welcome from the Conference Chair


Stephen Carter, Editor, iGaming Business



10:00 - 10:05 

Welcome from the Conference Chair


Michael Caselli, Editor-in-Chief, iGaming Business


10:00 - 10:05
Welcome from the Conference Chair


10:00 - 10:05

Welcome from the Conference Chair


Dave Naylor, Director & Head of SEO, Bronco Ltd

10:05 - 10:45

iGaming in the Netherlands: Introduction of Licensing & Regulation

The Dutch remote gaming market; will it, won’t it? It’s no secret that the government’s plans to licence iGaming at the start of 2015 are subject to some delay but the intent to regulate is very much alive. A revised iGaming bill was notified to the European Commission in March 2014 and the coming 12 months are likely to witness some lively discussions. Changes in the land-based scene are likely to ignite such debates even further. The Netherlands is far from the first European jurisdiction to take this route; with Belgium and Denmark having quite different approaches.

Learning Objectives:
- Hear about the key points of the iGaming bill of March 2014

- Understand the opportunities the Dutch market will present for iGaming and your operations

-Learn what the Netherlands should do, and avoid doing, in light of experiences in Belgium and Denmark.


Alan Littler, Gaming Lawyer, Kalff Klatz & Franssen


Justin Franssen, Kalff Katz & Franssen 

Morten Ronde, Chief Executive, Danish Online Gambling Association

Pieter Paepe, Attorney-at-Law, Astrea

10:05 - 10:20

Opening Insights

Brian Mattingly, CEO of 888 Holdings Plc., will open the iGaming Executive Conference with insights into the iGaming industry in Europe and America.


Brian Mattingley, CEO, 888 Holdings

10:05 - 10:45

Global Development of PrePaid Payment options 

The prepaid payment market is being heralded as a fail-safe solution in many nacent or credit card-averse markets. Hear about the viability of prepaid and its success in this case-study. 

Learning Objective:

Identify conditions where Prepaid Solutions thrive.


 Jens Bader, CCO, Secure Trading

Michael Kaplan, Senior Vice President of Business Development, PayNearMe

Stephen Quinn, Director of Strategic Sales, Ukash

Michael C G Charalambides, Acquiring & Issuing Partner, Ecomm Pay


10:05 - 10:50

For Google Eyes Only        

A take on Google blinding SEO professionals when it comes to understanding organic traffic through Google Analytics. Bookmakers and affiliates alike are all hindered by the visibility they have around organic traffic coming through to their site and the only reliable source of search data to base accurate decisions on is now just paid search traffic! This session looks to understand the scale of the issue, what can be done to measure organic traffic going forward, and some tools that can be used to aid you in this process.         


Neil Fairweather, Group Account Director at Latitude Group







10:50 - 11:15

Bitcoin: Introduction to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Casino and Bitcoin's Place in iGaming (sponsored by SoftSwiss)

Bitcoin can not be ignored as an efficient and popular online payment mechanism. Its efficacy on iGaming is compelling, and the Bitcoin community is developing services aimed on making iGaming transactions viable, risk-free and efficient. But beyond payments, Bitcoin's entrepreneurs have already built bitcoin casinos and games unique to Bitcoin users. This session will take a look at Bitcoin as both a payment mechanism and as a market, where its users are looking to game with their coins. 

Learning Objectives: 

- Consider Bitcoin as a payment mechanism for iGaming companies
- Look at the problems, benefits and solutions of using Bitcoin as an iGaming payment solution
- Consider the growing  number of loyal Bitcoin users and look at providing them iGaming solutions unique to Bitcoin


Paul Davis, General Counsel, Counting House

Eric Benz, Digital Currency Evangelist, GoCoin

Willem Van Oort, CEO, GranViaOnline

Michael Ellen, Director, Alderney Gambling Control Commission


10:20 - 10:55 

The Economics of Bitcoin

In this session hear Oxford postgraduate economist Jonathan Levin will explain the economics of bitcoin and predict the future of the crypto-currency.
Session Objective: To examine the logical development over time of Bitcoin to allow you to assess its long-term viability and its utility as a means of exchange online, in the real world and in iGaming.


 Jonathan Levin,Co-Founder, Coinometrics


10:50 - 11:15

ACH AND eChecks 

ACH and eChecks have been and will continue to be a valuable instrument in the iGaming payment landscape. In this session we will look at ACH and eCheck solutions, where they are compliant and which types of operators can benefit from these solutions. 

Learning Objective - When ACH and eCheck is the right Solution.


Carlos Rivas, CEO, Gateway Pro


10:50 - 11:15

Your SEO questions answered!

Now that you will have had chance to get warmed up and into the conference swing Dave will be holding a short, but informative Q & A session. Come armed with any specific questions that you have and Dave will provide his expert opinion and advice to you. In this session you're assured to pick up some great hints and tips that will be getting shared.

This is the session that you will find out the latest news from Bronco Towers and Dave's opinion on the latest Google updates.

If you don't have chance to attend this short session, Dave will be around all day to give you some advice.






11:45 - 12:45

The Ones to Watch: A Panel of iGaming's Rising Stars

Meet the entrepreneurs of iGaming and find out where these innovators think the market will be headed in the next 12-36 months. Hear about disruptive technologies, disruptive business models, and why iGaming will not be the same tomorrow as it was yesterday.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn what innovators in the space are working on

- Hear what the thought-leaders in the space think are the radical changes ahead

- Learn what business models may disrupt your current enterprise


Melissa Blau, Finance Editor, iGaming Capital


Liam Casey, CEO, Tailorbet

Peter Bertilsson, Chairman, Metric Gaming

Steve Beauregard, CEO & Co Founder, GoCoin

Angelo Dalli, CEO, Bit8

11:15 - 11:35

IGX: Hussein Chahine - Habitualization

Honoured by his peers, Hussein Chahine build Yazino's success in the social media arena by understanding people and their habits. Hear Hussein talk about his passion and obsession - understanding what make people do the things they do.

11:35 - 12:00

Exhibiton viewing

12:00 - 13:00 

Complimentary lunch


11:45 - 12:45

Visa and MC Making iGaming Possible in THE USA: Coding, STIP, MVV

Contrary to popular Visa and Mastercard have not been halting the iGaming market in the USA. This session will discuss the initiatives by both companies to make iGaming in the US possible via credit card.

Learning Objective:

- Visa/MC initiatives for iGaming


Joseph Pappano, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Vantiv Gaming Solutions

11:45 - 12:45

Using Google Analytics to Unlock Hidden Profits

Three key metrics every affiliate should be looking at in their web analytics and how the new Google universal analytics will help unlock hidden profits.




13:30 - 14:15

CEO Panel
Industry leaders will share their insight in a Q&A panel lead by its moderator with plenty of time for question from the audience. If you ever wanted to ask a question to the Titans of the industry, this is your time.
Learning Objectives: Hear insight from the most influential leaders in iGaming; Learn from their vast experience; Take the opportunity to ask questions to CEOs that you wont find anywhere else. 


13:00 - 13:20

Exclusive! Global iGaming Market Estimates and Predictions Announcement.

At this session iGaming Business and H2 Gaming Capital will announce their official market size estimates for the USA, Europe and South America. This session will also provide updated predictions for the growth and development of the iGaming market worldwide.
World Exclusive: Announcing the Latest iGaming Market Size Estimates and iGaming Growth Predictions to 2018.


Simon Holliday, Director, H2 Gambling Capital

13:20 - 13:40

iGX: Jez San - Why I Mine

Jez San is passionate about Bitcoin. Come and hear why the founder of PKR thinks that alternative holds an indelible place in the future of online transactions and why Jez has dedicated his time to become one of the largest bitcoin miners in the world.


 Jez San, OBA President & Founder, PKR

13:30 - 14:30

Are eWallets Still Relevant in iGaming? 

eWallets have long been a feature in iGaming. This session will talk about their future, and their advantages and disadvantages for iGaming in 2014 and beyond.

Learning Objective - Where eWallets fit into the future of iGaming


Jens Bader, Secure Trading

Alessandro Bruno-Bossio, Head of Sales, NETELLER

Paul Barclay, VP Gambling & FX, Skrill


13:30 - 14:30

The Complete Guide to the Best SEO Tools in the Market 

 Every aspect of a successful SEO campaign must be underpinned by data. From initial competitor and landscape research, to site structure, integrity, crawl and indexing; right through to content research, ideation and scheduling. We examine the most useful tools that help package and present this data to us; for the main aspects of an SEO campaign - research, technical, off-site (links and social signals) and content; ending with tools for spot-checking situational common problems in gaming such as spotting malicious linkspam and content theft.


Nichola Stott, Managing Director, The Media Flow


14:20 - 15:05

Online Slots: Trends, Marketing Slots to Players and Developing your Portfolio

Slot games are the Hit of 2014. This session will look at the trend for terrestrial slots to go online, the development of niche slot providers in the iGaming space, the importance of brand rights and how mobile is aiding this most lucrative iGaming asset. Beyond that, this session will teach you how to develop an effcetive slots portfolio that will aid in both player acquisition and retention.
Learning Objectives: Learn how to create a portfolio of top-performing games; Benchmark your slot's performance against industry standards; Learn how to promote your slots to your players.


David Johnson, Group Commercial Director, NYX

Ian Sherrington, Sales, Marketing & Development Manager, Every Matrix

Konrad Gill, Director iGaming, Casino Technology

13:45 - 14:20

The American Point of View: The Effect of Licensing iGaming, The Fear of Canabalization and The Road to Sports Betting?

Presented by Father Richard McGowan, Jesuit Priest and Associate Professor at Boston College, this session will analyse three different aspects of Internet Gambling:
1) The effect that internet gambling has had on both the traditional brick and mortar casino industry.
2) Whether or not the legalization of Internet Gambling will actually effect the utilization of Internet Gambling.
3) if the real growth in Internet Gambling will involve the legalization of Sports Gambling.

Points To Consider: Legalized iGaming's effect on traditional casino gaming; Legalization's effect on iGaming; Sports Betting in America

14:20 - 14:40

IGX: Alex Czajkowski – Value Driven Culture

 Alex Czajkowski is one of the most innovative and experienced iGaming CMOs. In this IGX session, Alex will share his theory of “The Essence Cycle”- and describe how values in the reptilian brain drive decisions and produce results – which ultimately come full circle to reinforce the very values that started the cycle. 


Alex Czajkowski, eGaming and eCommerce Marketing Director, AgencyLex


14:30 - 15:30

Payouts: The Other Side of the Coin 

Payouts can often be one of a payment manager's most difficult problems. This session will look at innovative payout solutions at work in Europe and in the USA.

Learning Objective - Identifying payout solutions for regulated European jurisdictions and the USA.


Michael C.G. Charalambides, Acquiring & Issuing Partner ECommPay

Paul Barclay, VP Gambling & FX, Skrill

Stephen Quinn, Director of Strategic Sales , Ukash

Paul Davis, Group General Counsel, Counting House Group of Companies

14:45- 16:00

Why email is the killer app on the internet… and how you can profit from it


Parry Malm, President, Howling Mad Marketing

 15.00 - Complimentary Bar Opens

15:05 - 15:30

Asia, Europe and the USA: By the Numbers

This session will look at the market sizes and developments over the past 12 months in Europe, Asia and the USA. It will also look forward by 12 months to speculate upon further regulatory developments, and assess the potential for the merger of player liquidity in  regulated markets. Panelists will speculate on the development of these markets, their continued regulation and tell you which markets to get ready for through practical, by-the-numbers, analysis.

Learning Objectives: 
- Decipher current market sizes in the world's major iGaming markets 
- Search for regulation-lead opportunities in those markets.


Simon Holliday, Director, H2 Gambling Capital

15:00 - 15:30

Bringing the outside world in: sociocultural trends that will shape the future of digital business

This inspirational session will deep dive in future human behaviour in response to big (technological) changes. What are the implications of wearable tech, the internet of things and future technology that will predict behaviour? What is the value of the trend to disconnect? In what ways can consumers still be reached now information is abundant, trust is low and reality is blurred? What are significant behavioural changes between different generations?  


Thimon de Jong, Director, WHETSTON / Strategic foresight


15:30 - 16:15

Alternative Currencies: The No Risk Operator's Scenario 

Alternative Currencies are, in many ways, particularly well suited for iGaming. However, with the value of currencies like Bitcoin able to fluctuate by hundreds of dollars a day, does it present too big a risk to operators financially and regulatorially? This session address and provides solutions to this problem.  

Learning Objective - Finding a no-risk Alternative Currency Solution


David Gzesh, Legal Counsel, Gzesh Law Offices


Gareth Grobler, Founder, Ice Cubed XChange

Stephen Quinn, Director, Ukash

Adam Leonard, Founder, Mew by Oligvy & Trebax 


15:30 - 16:00

Keynote: Scott Bell

Ultimate Beat is a film about the Ultimate Bet cheating scandle and its subsequent fallout on the global online poker market. First Released in 2013, the film has been re-edited and modified to make it ready for its ultimate debut. Hosted by film creator Scott Bell, the iGaming community is offered a chance to watch the first screening of the film and provide feedback to Scott Bell himself. 


Scott Bell, Director, UltimateBeat

16:00 - 18:00

Debut Screening: UltimateBeat Movie

HIGHLIGHT: Debut Screening and Director Commentary on motion picture “UltimateBeat”  - UltimateBeat is the story of a popular online poker site in the early wild west of poorly regulated Internet gaming. Site founders used their position to defraud customers of tens of millions of dollars in a long running criminal conspiracy. It traces the early days of UltimateBet and the key individuals who founded and operated the site. The film explores the theft, the role of the regulator, the evolution of the legal environment and the cover-up allowing founders to keep some unknown amount of the money stolen. It is a case study in the need for proper regulation and transparency.

15:30 - 16:00

Federalization and Harmonization - An Inevitable Path?

The disjointed and opportunistic regulation of iGaming in the EU is fragmenting the market and making operators look to Brussels for Harmonization. Is the USA's path for iGaming on a State by State basis inevidably leading down the same road leaving oeprators to seek Federal oversight?

Learning Objective:

- Selfish States
- Point of Consumption Tax
- An Industry Call for Harmonization


Robin Le Prevost, Director of eCommerce Development, Alderney eGambling Ltd

Julian Harris, Founder of Harris Hagan

Barney Horn, Partner, Deloitte

Fr. Richard McGowan, SJ, Boston College

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General, EGBA


16:20 - 17:20

The Future of Bitcoin in iGaming

 In this Bitcoin-specific session, we will analyze the inherent benefits of Bitcoin for iGaming operators, and their players.

Learning Objective: Analysing the benefits Bitcoin can bring to iGaming operators.


Willem Van Oort, CEO, GranViaOnline


Joseph Hall, Vice President, Skrill USA

Eric Benz, Digital Currency Evangelist, GoCoin

Steve Beauregard, CEO & Co Founder, GoCoin

Paul Davis, Group General Counsel, Counting House Group of Companies

























18.00 - Exhibition Closes

 20.30 - Late - Official Networking Party 
Day 1 of the conference is over, but the party carries on and we'll have you dancing till the break of dawn. The sponsored by Metro Play, will be taking place at Escape Club, which is the largest nightspot in Amsterdam and is located on the Rembrandtplein. Its central location makes it perfect whether you are joining us for the whole night or stopping buy for a drinks before or after dinner.