Are you in our top five social media posts?

There was a lot going on around the show room floor at this year's iGaming Super Show 2017. There was almost as much action going on online. More of you than ever got involved using the #iGSS2017 and #AAC2017 hashtags. Here are our top 5 favourite posts.

Before we get started, we wanted to flag our comical Clashtag (not sure if that's a real term but it should be). The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2017 ran at the same time as the Asian Athletics Championships 2017 - both used #AAC2017.  

We would like to say a well done to everyone who used the hashtag and made AAC 2017 as tweeted about as the Athletics championships (in Twitter terms anyway). 

Now onto our top five social posts!

5. One team, one dream! Ihre Consulting, we love your family vibe.

Here at Clarion Gaming and iGaming Business family is a vital word - it's one of our main values, we pride ourselves in being a big family.

We love the family vibe that Ihre Consulting are giving off here, it's great to see a team who love working with each other. Keep up the good work Ihre Consulting, you rock!

Plus, that looks like a damn tasty wrap!


4. Get in on some of that NLDigiVideo action Shona ODonnell

We loved this post anyway - I mean who doesn't enjoy seeing some behind the scenes shots.

However, this post is made even more splendid by the fact that our very own Event Director Shona ODonnell is blissfully unaware of her inclusion. Well done on making the top five Shona and great work from NLDigiVideo for capturing such a beautiful moment.


3. Now, this is what Instagram is made for! The classic. The masterpiece. 

This. Is. A. Classic. You can't beat a lunchtime food photo. You especially can't beat a lunchtime food photo when it's during the iGaming Super Show and includes a very tasty looking pint of Heineken. 

Also big props for acemal7 for doing work over his lunch break and for keeping lunch healthy during a hectic show. (Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the iGaming Business team... think Jaffa Cakes, Carrot Cake and... well anything ending in cake... we ate it in the organisers office.)



2. Girlboss mode is on!!

ms_saar, you go girl. We loved this, we are seeing more women bossing the igaming sector at every show we do - keep up the great work.

The enthusiasm in the post is infectious and we love someone who knows how to use a hashtag!

ms_saar, we hope you managed to relax in the hotel room before hitting the iGaming Super Show - it's a pretty exhausting four-day marathon. 


1. The tweet that caused smiley-with-cold-sweat brain freeze, tongue-out-smiley sugar highs and nauseated-smiley ice cream hangovers

The tweet to end all tweets. Well, all of the iGaming Business tweets anyway... our social media team were feeling far too sick to post anything after the #10scoopchallenge.

If you missed it, this tweet was followed up by iGaming Business with a "sounds like a challenge" tweet and the rest, they say, is history. 

The incredible achievement made international news columns such as the iGB Diary and Totally Gaming's Twitterly Gaming round up. 

In short, this tweet had to be no. one in our top five because it started the challenge that broke our team... thanks for all the memories Microgaming.